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We make the best of your property


The engineering and project management company Tsatsakis & Partners is based in Chania Crete and offers a comprehensive set of structural options, real estate services and investment proposals addressed to all who wish to use their assets in the most profitable way.

With years of experience, leading partners in each sector, meticulous knowledge of modern design trends, a passion for aesthetics and above all reliability and professionalism, Tsatsakis & Partners company provides construction, real estate and investment solutions tailored specifically to each customer, faithfully following the authorities that are committed to quality, detail and harmony between the construction work and the environment in which it occurs.

Based on this holistic approach we take advantage of each investment opportunity and we transform business ideas into high yield income projects.

We employ a highly trained and certified staff that fully understands the need of elegance, functionality and ergonomics required by modern lifestyle as we are committed to offer tailored services covering all aspects of management and real estate.

The primary objective of the company Tsatsakis & Partners in Chania of Crete is to stand ally in your quest for a better quality of life, crafting the right conditions with a blend of innovation to make realistic profitable proposals.