About Us

About us

George Tsatsakis was involved in the catering industry from a young age, while later he studied civil engineering in The UK. Returning to his hometown of Chania with this wide experience , he decide to integrate the construction sector, implementing high-demand projects with emphasis on aesthetics and ergonomics, always having as his main aim the quality assurance and the establishement of the best possible solutions for every occasion.

The technical perfection, the strict respect of the schedule and the professionalism that characterize him, are non-negotiable values, which are a point of reference for all the people he has chosen to work with.

Always based on the philosophy of teamwork and collective success, he created his company Tsatsakis & Partners, with its activities now extending beyond construction to the fields of exterior and interior design, consulting investments, real estate services and the management of food and sports enterprises, not only in Crete and Greece but also worldwide.


Combining experience, reliability, know-how and above all the love and knowledge of Crete , Tsatsakis & Partners has the ability to offer comprehensive construction, business and investment plans tailored, perfectly, to the specific needs of each customer.