How to get to heaven on earth, your perfect guide to Greece’s Golden Visa.

Golden Visa

How to get to heaven on earth, your perfect guide to Greece’s Golden Visa.

One of the most researched topics of the internet, if not top of the list, how to get into the country of serenity, sun and sea and have access to all Europe in just a couple of simple steps. Well, this article is for you, whether planning to move to Greece or not, it’s about time to start considering it. But yes, you are right! What is a golden visa anyway? Excuse the sudden term bombarding without even giving you a proper introduction to it, we shall start, introducing you to the opportunity of your dreams. See the word golden is not a random term, it is indeed a golden opportunity to not miss, as it gets you both a visa and a residency in one of the most mesmerizing countries around the world. It Is a program implemented in Greece granting a 5 year residence permit in exchange for an investment proposal of a minimum of 250.000 euros, now this might sound like a lot of money to invest, but wait until you read the advantages you get out with, keep reading as it keeps getting better! The golden visa program that
Greece offers is mainly for non EU-citizens obviously and it allows the holder to live in Greece without the need for a visa, it is also a fast track to the citizenship program since after 5 years in this amazing country, you have the right to apply and become an official national. The scheme involves choosing the property of your dreams, anywhere around Greece, and just buying it, excluding taxes, it can be your future home, a fancy hotel, a vintage cottage, anything that will make you fall in love with the country and move, or fall in love and promote the country economical development while making profits at the same time. Doesn’t this seem too good to be true? And yes indeed it is, and yes we are about to tell you exactly why!

Your first destination is Greece but you have all the Schengen area and European Union, all for you, visa free, to travel and wonder as you wish and if you don’t want to move, you are not even obliged to reside elsewhere, you can have the perfect collaborators managing your property or business for you while enjoying the comfort of your home town. Greece’s breeze of Mediterranean warmth even provides you with the choice of including your family through a reunification process, we are talking about kids, parents and even parents-in-law. Let us even go above and beyond for those ambitious minds that love entrepreneurship, traveling the world and spreading their productivity all around, you are for sure included. Greece’s ministry of finance have drawn the perfect bath for you to be able to enjoy your passion wherever you are, we are talking tax benefits indeed, as you are contributing to the country’s economy, the country levels up yours, you will be a tax resident, offered a variety of very attractive choice whether retired, a digital nomad or a particular expat as your international income might not be subject to taxation in Greece. We have told you, this is too good to be true, but it is true, one hundred percent guaranteed even and through a very easy process, a process that only lasts a maximum of 6 months during which you do not even have to speak Greek to be accepted. No need to tell you that Greece Golden Visa Program is ranked 4 th in the global residence program index with a score of 72 out of 100, it is definitely the ultimate path to a perfect, care free life.

Now why are we telling you all this?

Well because we would like to guide you through and we would be honored to match you with your perfect family home or your next high profitable project.

In which steps do we interfere? ALL!

Our team of experts at Tsatsakis and Partners will take care of your legal documents issuing, property hunt, and visa application process. The process is easy and we will make it even easier as if it was a new adventure launch in a fascinating country where the living is easy, the food is tasty, the music is inspiring and the weather is always delightful no matter what season it is, it is in Greece that you will get the best of the best and it is with our company that you will make the most of profits. Stay tuned for our next article where we take through the investment option into details and we talk you through the process.