Residence in Apokoronas

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Building Permit: Tsatsakis & Partners
Study – Supervision: Tsatsakis & Partners
E / M Studies: Beinoglou Elias
Area: 210 m2
Location: Chania | Apokoronas

The main innovative idea was to establish a longitudinal path, where the tenant will enjoy a full constant visual view of the northern part of the plot. The building unfolds linearly from West to East with emphasis on the panoramic, Northern unique view. The design aimed to devide the building area into smaller distinct volumes with each serving a different function. This choice allowed the blend in of the domicle into the intense natural relief, creating different levels and at the same time giving synthetic freedom and variety to the morphology of the different living pieces.

A primordial functional requirement was the access and use of the flat rooms through the installation of a pergola, a detail that offers even a greater variety to the oncoplasia.

All these different elements and especially on the north side of the building migrate to create a miniature of a rural neighborhood with a clear reference point the surrounding side of the pool.

The adoption of specific materials had a morphological goal of intensifying the separation of the territories. The local stone is used to “cover” the large and extreme volumes while the central and smaller ones are painted in the preference color chosen by the occupants. An important morphological element is the frames installed in the places where there is stone, where an aluminum frame is used to box the surface of the stone and to shape the different openings.