Theodore Boutique Hotel

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Construction / project management : Tsatsakis & Partners
Architectural study :Pure Made
Area: 400 m2
Location: Chania | Stalos
Construction:We Make Projects
Applications: HYDROTHERM Chiotakis

This project will remain unforgettable in our memory as an example of a perfect harmonious cooperation.
Our office undertook the construction and management of the project through a unique study carried out by the Pure Made team. This partnership was characterized by the common philosophy and vision of
the 2 groups, insisting on the quality of construction, and on the effective management of human resources in order to accomplish the project on the schedule that had been set.

The aim of the design and reconstruction of the hotel was, on the one hand, to preserve the footprint of the existing buildings in the surrounding area and the morphology of the facades, and on the other
hand, to conceptualize two new design lines, that are inspired by the earthy colors of Minoan Crete and that of influence of the “boho chic” style.

The request was to create a separate yoga retreat, which would immediately introduce the visitor to a climate of calmness, serenity and experience.

For this reason, stone, pressed cement mortars, handmade tiles and perforated ceramics have been chosen, while the entrance door is constructed as a heavy iron grid, without any intermediate support, with the aim of dominating, embracing the visitor like a net and empowering the experience.

The textures and lines of custom-made furniture from Pure Made add intensities, contrasts, qualities with references to locality, but also elements of contemporary design, while the interior layout and materials vary in each apartment, providing a different experience.

The open-plan hall, integrated with the reception, gives an excellent view of the sea, with a single flooring of stone slabs that elongates to the coast, while a corridor of cement mortar in the color of sand leads the way to the rooms, bringing them the feeling of blending with the beach.

The exterior spaces, in addition to the outdoor bar and lounge areas, have been designed to accommodate 21 people, which is the total number of guests in the yoga sessions offered by the hotel unit.