Typografeion Restaurant / Bar

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Construction / project management : 
Tsatsakis & Partners
Architectural study: Yogia Halakatevaki
Area: 200 m2
Location: Chania Old Port
Woodwork: In Style
Aluminum-Iron Works:  Evometal
Electrical works: Mathioudakis Manolis
Lighting: Yogia Halakatevaki

A primary element of the design was the respect for this building history and its revitalization, this was the main inspiration behind the reconstruction proposal.

An architecture signature to moderation and harmony. The intervention and the discovery process aimed to search for a way to use the historical identity as an act of love and integration of the monument in the new era.

The space presents two levels connected by an impressive handmade staircase, while in the center of the interior there is a double height point that remains open highlighting the impressive vaulted ceiling with the patterns that were preserved and redesigned by hand.

The marbles used, the rich black Nero Marquina and the white marble of Tinos with the intense waters, monopolize the final result, their placement was done on purpose and by choice in order to ensures the maximum possible continuity and flow. The color palette of materials is presented by brass on the lamps, the blue velvet on the chairs and stand and finally, light gray on the wooden floors. A choice of materials that are harmoniously combined with an impressive wallpaper on the wall opposite, the main bar and the vaulted mirrors and, that proffers the observer a sense of luxury and transition to similar spaces in New York and London.

A Particular emphasis and focus was placed on architectural lighting, enabling different lighting scenarios throughout the day and night, emphasizing the strong theatrical character of the building and the different area’s structure and design The establishment is only threatened by abandonment.