Unique restoration project

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Area: Spili | Rethymnon
Building area: 320 sq.m.
Plot area: 600 sq.m.
Price: 155.000 €
Property Code: BLD-024

A unique residence of Venetian architecture that will transport its new owner to another century. Located in the picturesque and important, for its location, Spili village. It is a complex of buildings with two old stone houses in a large courtyard which is bounded by an old wall and an additional plot of 242 sq.m.

It belongs to the category of narrow-fronted buildings and, based on its other characteristics (prominent chimney of semicircular cross-section on the north side, doors with arched frames, stone-framed windows, 2 winepresses, etc.), dates to the period of the early Ottoman rule and has received operations during the late 19th-early 20th century.

Unique restoration project

Spili is located at a key point next to the best beaches of the prefecture and Crete, it has all the services and amenities for a quality stay all year round, making it the ideal location for any investment made in the prefecture and specifically in this property.

At the property a restoration permit has been issued by the Archaeological Department.