Vacation residence in Gerani, Chania

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Construction / project management: Tsatsakis & Partners
Architectural design: Tsatsakis & Partners
Construction: Minoan Homes
Studies H / M: Beinoglou Elias
Size: 200 m2
Location: Chania | Geranium

The project covers the design, supervision and management for a Norwegians family holiday domicile in a creative way aiming to exploit the spaces unoccupied by the family. The owners took part in the planning stage, so the integration of their thoughts and their perception with the architectural team of our office determined to a significant extent the final result.

The main goal was to design a comfortable and warm space with modern furniture in basic lines, highlighting the profound influence of Scandinavian style as in minimalism and modernism.

The plot is located outside the project limits and outside the village of Gerani Chania, between the coastline and the northern road axis of Crete. Due to constraints of a minimum distance, the area suitable for construction is a limited one, resulting in a very specific coverage. This peculiarity, was a catalyst in bringing the architectural innovation and out of the box ideas to be able to fit the perception to the limited space, while keeping the building aspect of a luxurious tourist accommodation.

The architecture of the building is characterized by geometric simplicity and based on a composition of cubic volumes and clean clear lines.

The spatial continuity of the interior to the outside is shown in the interior of the house. Living room, dining room and kitchen, an open layout, bathed in light by sliding the semi-outdoor space to lift the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. As a result, the whole of the ground floor level is presented to the visitor as a transparent and extroverted space, developing a direct relationship with the pool and its surroundings, a vague surrounding with a mesmerizing connection to the outside Aluminum pergolas with automatic blinds were established in order to provide the necessary lighting and shading.

A pool as a front view to the living rooms. With the lining of the used quartz liner giving a completely natural feel of sand.

In the southern part of the land A tennis court was built with high standards in order to promote the concept of sport’s tourism. Particular focus is put on the detailed design of all parts of the structure both on an architecture level and on a plant level, so the building meets the basic needs of mankind , but also the requirements of modern construction techniques.